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Kickstart your medical writing and SLR publishing journey with our innovative AI-powered tools. With AccuScript, you can effortlessly streamline complex tasks, bolstering your research efforts.

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Say goodbye to manual abbreviation lists. Our Abbreviator tool scans your document, generating a comprehensive abbreviation list for your convenience.


The first pass screening of citations in SLRs made easy with our Screener tool. It efficiently streamlines the process, offering speed and accuracy.


Sub-editing can now be done in minutes. Our AI-driven Sub-Editor learns your style, ensures consistency, and adheres to editorial standards with the power of AI.

Welcome to the future

Unleash Your Research Potential with AccuScript AI Tools.

How It Works


Define Your Needs

Share your document and specify the tasks you need assistance with – abbreviation listing, citation screening, or sub-editing.


Click “Process”, and our AI will start working on your document in no time!


Review the automatically generated results, make any necessary adjustments, and your work is ready to go!