“Systematic Literature Management and Processing”


Systematic Literature Management and Processing (SYMPRO) is a web-based software solution developed by AccuScript, your trusted partner in medical writing. This innovative toolset aims to facilitate project management, expedite the screening process, and accelerate reviews, making the journey of systematic reviews more efficient and user-friendly.

How Can SYMPRO Help You?

Reducing the Time-Burden of Systematic Reviewing

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to lessen the time taken by systematic reviews? Look no further than SYMPRO. Our tool is designed to organize, evaluate, integrate, and present data from various research studies in a systematic and seamless way.

Key Features of SYMPRO

Our software offers a variety of advantages to its users:

Result Statistics

Analyze the data and results from your systematic reviews

Project Statistics

Get a comprehensive overview of your project’s progress

Conflict Resolution

Visualize conflicts and resolve them with ease

Individual Reviewer Statistics

Monitor the performance and progress of each reviewer

User-friendly Interface

Navigate our software effortlessly, thanks to its intuitive design

Cross-project Navigation

Easily navigate between different projects through the Dashboard

Home Page


SYMPRO helps you screen and filter through large amounts of data to identify relevant studies for your systematic review.

Keyword Highlight

SYMPRO highlights keywords in the text of the studies you are reviewing to help you quickly identify relevant information.

Study Score Prediction

SYMPRO uses machine learning algorithms to predict the quality of studies based on their characteristics and other factors.

The SYMPRO Process Facilitating Every Stage of Systematic Literature Review

SYMPRO aids you in each step of your systematic literature review, from formulating the research question to reporting your findings. Our software supports you in the following stages:

  1. Research Question: Set out a clear and relevant research question.
  2. Search: Use our adequate search resources to retrieve biomedical and life-science literature.
  3. Screening: Identify relevant studies from a literature search that meet your inclusion criteria.
  4. Assessing Quality: Examine research evidence systematically to verify its validity before data extraction.
  5. Data Extraction: Extract relevant data from included articles systematically.
  6. Analysis of Data: Analyze extracted data before reporting the summary of all studies.
  7. Reporting of Findings: Present findings across multiple searches, screening, and data extraction in a comprehensive report.

Interested in SYMPRO?

Contact AccuScript today to learn more about how SYMPRO can revolutionize your systematic review process. We look forward to partnering with you on your next project!